Monday, August 13, 2012


 If you've read my About Me, you know I'm the oldest. And being a big sister is a big part of who I am. Well, who am I kidding? It is who I am. The next 5 people I introduce are the 5 most important people in my life.

Meet: Princess

She will hate me for choosing Princess as her blog name but it just fits her. Despite the fact she looks 18, she's far from it. She's got an amazing voice that she doesn't use nearly enough. She's got this tough exterior that's almost intimidating. But she can be a softy at times. She always gets the last word. She's my Pretty Little Liars buddy. She very independent. She's my favorite first little sister.

Meet: Karebear

The middle child. She's got boys falling at her feet. She's very laid back. She's never home. She's a sleepy head. She has naturally wavy hair which makes me jealous. She has a way with kids. She's not a fan of TV but she loves Facebook. She does this hilariously creepy "cookie monster" voice. She's the clown of the family. She'll try anything. She can't spell for her life! She's quite good at softball. She's my favorite middle sister.

Meet: B-Rae

She's gotta laugh that is so loud and obnoxious that it's contagious. She's loud yet misunderstood. She likes to read. She writes her own songs. She can beat you at just about any game on the wii. She's a softball diva. She's an animal lover. She's claustrophobic like me. She says she is going to make me "fake famous" so I can marry Mike Trout and she can have a famous brother-in-law. She's my favorite 3rd little sister.

Meet: Little Miss Sassy

This girl. She has an ATTITUDE. She's so sassy that's it's just too darn cute. She's my mini-me. She likes to craft. She seeks attention. She spills a drink at least twice a day. She loves to go to Goodwill. She helps me clean. She wants to "stay in Pre-K forever". She draws sweet pictures just because she loves you. She likes to have her nails painted with glitter polish. She's my favorite baby sister.

Meet: Sweet Boy

He's my surprise sibling; the brother I thought I'd never have. His smile melts my heart. He does this "sweet boy" smile {like the one in the picture} that can seriously turn my day around. He's adopted. Spoiled rotten is an understatement and it's all my fault. He loves to eat. He doesn't like meat just like me. He loves anything sweet. He gives the best kisses. He likes to turn the lights on and off. He's a climber. He has an arm like a professional baseball player. {I have high expectations!} He is everything I could ask for in a brother. 

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have a big family you've come to the right place. It's not always easy. We are definitely not the Brady bunch. Our laundry room is never empty. Our floors are always sticky. Our house is never "clean". But there's always love. Sometimes it's tough love but there's always love. 

So now I can get this whole journal mess started. 

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  1. Just magnificent!!! Bravo....Bravo :) that was seriously (no sarcasm)