Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I've stared at this blank blog page for quite sometime now in hopes of figuring out what to write. I guess this is what they call writers block? All that's came to mind is "What will be interesting to you? What will make you WANT to come back and read more?" And I've come to a conclusion. If I write my blog according to what I think you want I'll be defeating the purpose of my blog.

The blogs that inspired me to start my own blog are the ones that seem effortless. You know, the ones where creativity, family, and real life are all perfectly intertwined under one url? That's what I want. I want to write what's on my mind. Show you what I've crafted. Tell you about my day. Basically I want to share my life with you..  {Well that's awkward.. this is kinda beginning to sound like a marriage proposal..} -__-
So, yeah.

I started this blog as a timeout. A time where I can sit down and focus on me. My thoughts. My crafts. My life. Essentially, Ashlyntime. I guess you could say it's like an extended "About Me" or an autobiography in the making, or maybe it's just a publicized journal. 

So, umm..
Welcome to Ashlyntime.

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