Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Valentine's Day is Really About.

I love Valentine's Day.
Almost as much as I love birthdays. 
So that's a lot. 
And I don't even have a Valentine. 
Not that I couldn't have one.. 
I mean they are practically causing a riot outside my door right now. 

But really.
I love everything about Valentine's Day.
From the nasty chocolates to gourmet dinners.
February 14th is by far the most precious day of the year. 

But somewhere in the midst of all this lovin' you've got the Anti-Valentiners. 
The ones who have apparently missed the memo and dedicated February 14th to their sob stories.
Well I've got news for all you Anti-Valentiner sob story tellers: 

For real.
Nobody wants to hear it.
Nobody feels sorry for you.
Just shush.

Valentine's Day isn't about having a Prince Charming to celebrate with.
It's about love.
Celebrating love.
Showing love.
Being thankful that you are blessed enough to have someone to love.
If you'd stop complaining for 2 seconds and look around you'd see why I love Valentine's Day.

Being the procrastinator I am, it's obvious that I didn't do my Valentine shopping until last night.
A bunch of people all crowed around empty shelfs hoping to find that perfect gift.
But amongst all the craziness I witnessed what Valentine's Day is truly all about.

As I sat in my car trying to catching my breath from all the madness I saw a woman walking toward her car with a buggy full of groceries. As she neared the car I couldn't help but notice the 4 smiling faces staring at her, beaming with excitement. And I'm not talking the "Woohoo Mom bought food!" kinda smile. I'm talking an ear to ear, full of love, whole heart kinda smile. The boys faces lit up as she opened the door and they handed her a completely unexpected big bouquet of roses. My heart melted. The look on their faces said it all.

Valentine's Day isn't about the presents or a fancy dinner.
Or even an unexpected bouquet of roses.
It's about genuinely loving.
Loving with every piece of your heart.

So to all you Anti-Valentiners, I challenge you to look around today.
Notice all the love?
How can you hate Valentine's Day?!

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