Friday, January 18, 2013

TGIF: Babysitter Style

Friday's are suppose to be the best day of the week, right? TGIF!

So first off, I get up to this:

A nice messy kitchen where dinner dishes from last night and breakfast dishes from this morning are lingering around the sink, on the table, and thanks to my clumsiness eventually in the floor.

So, I start cleaning up...
The sink begins to fill with a mysterious pink water. 
Tried running the garbage disposal but surprise surprise it didn't work. 
The water just went from one side of the sink to the other. 
So being the "Handy Jill" that I am, I decided I would just take matters into my own hands. 
Got a big pan set it under the sink and began to unscrew the pipes.
And just when you think it couldn't get much better than this.
It did. 
The mysterious pink water starts spewing everywhere. 
Everywhere as in, all over me. In my face. On my clothes. In the floor. Etc.
And to top it all off, the mysterious pink water had some nice chunks in it..

Now that I was covered in chunky pink water, which happened to smell and look a lot like vomit, I was ready to see what was clogging up the sink.

Grease. WHO PUTS GREASE DOWN THE SINK? I'm not talking just a little dab either. I mean I wouldn't be surprised if McDonalds used our sink to empty their fryers.
And then I cleaned it up...  
Actually, I've yet to clean it up, I'm sitting at the dirty kitchen table, smelling of vomit, writing this post.. 
So when you think Monday's are bad just remember that Friday's have the same potential! 
TGIF y'all!

P.S. I think I might change my profession to plumbing.

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