Sunday, July 7, 2013

Holidays and Mantles.

It's either a bit early or a bit late to be posting holiday pictures but whatevs. 
My blog, my rules. 
So here's to: 
170 days 'til Christmas
 221 days 'til Valentines Day
 252 days 'til St. Patty's Day


2012 Christmas Tree
Theme: Burlap

DIY Lighted Burlap Bow Tree Topper

Christmas Mantle
Everything thrifted minus the cross stocking holders, Noelle the elf, and the light up house (heirloom) 

"That Noelle is something else! She was sad that the snow melted and knew the girls would be too so she decided to hang lights from their ceiling and put lots of "unmeltable" snowflakes in there. Silly girl!"

Always sneaky! 

I almost forgot our Elf on a Shelf, Noelle, came for a visit!

Of course I didn't want to take down the Christmas decor but couldn't wait get the VDay mantle up so by mid-January I just combined the two. 

And of course we couldn't forget our "love mail" boxes.

Then along came March and that sneaky, messy Doogal the Leprechaun.
But hey, he did leave this nice green bucket of green goodies!

And now we're to the present. 
The "When it's not a holiday rustic mantle."
All pieces gifted or found at Goodwill.

Lighted weeds: Christmas lights + dead weeds from the neighbors yard. (Thanks neighbs!)
Clock: Goodwill $2
Jesus wooden sign: Family heirloom 
Painted Canvas behind weeds/clock: Goodwill $1
Empty Picture Frame: Goodwill $1
Cross: Gifted
Water damaged book: Goodwill ($.50) + rain 
Rusty Lantern: Back yard
Tall Blue Vase: Goodwill $2
Candle: Already had
Light: Gifted
Total for the "When it's not a holiday rustic mantle": $6.50
*Pats self on back.

Cheers to celebrating the holidays year 'round! 

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